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Effective and cost-efficient

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In the last 25 years, several formal government enquiries into Chiropractic have all concluded that this health care practice is safe, effective and cost-efficient.

Independent studies have also shown that for some conditions, such as lower back pain, chiropractic can be the best choice for an effective and quick recovery. The Clinical Standards Advisory Group recommended in 1994 that there should be earlier access to the manipulative therapies and a redistribution of resources within the NHS to make this happen. In September 1996 the Royal College of General Practitioners issued guidelines for GPs which recommend manipulative treatment within the first six weeks for patients with low back pain.Chiropractic care is currently not available through the NHS although most private insurance companies will re-imburse for Chiropractic services.


A dramatic new expert study from leading US health economists from Mercer Health and Benefits and Harvard University conclude that Chiropractic is more effective that other modalities for treating low-back and neck pain.  Additionally, when considering effectiveness and cost together, Chiropractic care represents a good value in comparison to medical care and widely accepted cost-effectiveness thresholds.


The cost of an initial consultation / examination is £40, x-rays if required (from £60) and treatment costs £30 per visit.  The clinic makes use of varied payment programs to make our care as affordable and cost efficient as possible.








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